Thursday, February 5, 2009

So, I will expand on this soon

But I just left the most AWKWARD conversation with my boss

who took it upon himself to take me into his office and then QUESTION how someone as "educated" as myself, could possibly belief in something as irrational as [a] God.

and then peppered me with questions for a good 20 minutes....mind you this man has a PhD in Theology...taught at the collegiate level.... and grew up baptist. But is now a strong agnostic.

And actually expects me to formulate, and articulate arguments to his satisfaction

I was praying without ceasing, that God would make sure my words were of him, not argumentative, and full of Truth.

and he thinks that this should be an ongoing thing because he finds "religious folk so darn interesting"... [insert supremely condescending voice]

Good Lord.