Friday, September 25, 2009

Bach & Biceps

Ive recently gotten back into working out regularly. A sweet friend of mine thought he'd offer some motivation to help me get over how much i loathe working out by giving me a CD --"Ultimate Runners Mix" filled with, as I'm sure you've guess, a ridiculous amount of techno-house-upbeat-could-be-on-acid songs.

Little known fact: I work out to classical music. :)

The truth is, I dont ever want to be excited or pumped to work out. Its painful, it hurts, you sweat and smell. I think it all stems from the fact that I spent the better part of 6 years pre-college being a workout nazi (not PC?), and grooming myself for Division I Track Dreams. Which i clearly ultimately turned down for the lovely pavements of NYU. So when I say I hate working out, I 100% mean it. I hated doing two-a-days. Hated waking up a 6 am to bang out a circuit work out, all before having a full day of advanced classes only for 3 o'clock to roll around and to have to go do another workout. Listening to classical music was all I could do to not rip my coaches head off as he said "Hey Jas, I know you just ran seven 12 second splits, but how about 2 more...and oh yeah, a couple 400's". Oh really coach Banta?! Sure let me get right on that! Feel great.....Uh NO.

I love what working out does for my body (not the cosmetic part, although that's a great by-product) but rather my health. Love it. I hate how sore I am afterward. I hate how competitive and OCD working out makes me. I hate competing with the stranger next to me on the tread mill, who no mind got on twenty minutes after me, i REFUSE to get off until shes done.

Hello, Crazy Town.

So Again, thanks for the lovely CD. I'll stick to my my Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.